Aging & Technology Task Force

PURPOSE is to provide thought leadership, education, advocacy and tangible strategies for organizations looking to advance quality of life in aging through technology with a focus on health and wellness in aging, healthy communities, social connectedness, extending independence, and caregiving.

The MISSION of the TF is to promote the adoption of personal connected health innovations and technologies for healthy aging, by defining and evangelizing the benefits; and securing healthcare provider, payor, regulatory and policy support.


  • Research – understand attitudes on aging from multiple stakeholder perspectives, leverage Ipsos global data on adoption by aging populations
  • Focus Areas – refine focus areas to feed thought leadership and use cases in aging & technology: 1) health & wellness/extending independence, 2) healthy communities, 3) caregiving
  • Thought Leadership & Performance Metrics – plan to disseminate content educating on aging solutions through the use of personal connected health technologies; define and apply performance metrics for outcomes

Chairs: Fran Ayalasomayajula, HP & Nancy Green, Verizon

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