Continua Certification Process

Continua certification encompasses well over a hundred different types of devices and services that can be certified today. Certification to the Continua Design Guidelines is available to PCHAlliance members interested in certifying a Continua device or service. Certification of a Continua device or service will ensure interoperability with other Continua devices and services. There are four steps to achieve certification: Prepare, Apply, Test and Certify.


Ensure that your device or service conforms to the Continua Design Guidelines using the Continua test tool and the Continua interoperability test suite. PCHAlliance provides additional resources to product developers via the Continua certification building blocks page. Here you can find the required documentation, software code libraries, certification listing fees, the test tool and many other resources and information. Please note that this page is only open to members. 


After pre-testing your device or service using the Continua test tool you may submit your certification application directly to PCHAlliance via the Continua test tool.


If required, schedule formal testing with a Continua Certification test lab. To determine if you are required to test at a Continua test lab, please visit the Continua certification building blocks page.


Certification requires passing all applicable tests. Once achieved, members may begin using the Continua Certified logo and have their product or service listed on the Certified Product Showcase. While there is a small fee for listing, the listing on the Certified Product Showcase is a great marketing resource.

PCHAlliance offers many additional resources. Please visit the Continua certification building blocks page for more information. And, if you need direct help with your certification, feel free to contact any of our Continua Certified Experts.