Continua Certified Product Showcase

Our most recently certified devices

  • Ascensia Diabetes Care Wireless Blood Glucose Meter (Bluetooth low energy)
  • Roche Accu-Chek Instant (Bluetooth low energy & USB) and Instant S meter (USB)
  • NoninConnect - Connected Fingertip (Bluetooth low energy)
  • NTELS Co., LTD - nHealthcare - Smart Healthcare (Health & Fitness Observation Receiver using HTTP - SOAP)
  • Openit, Inc. HealthUp HIS (Health Information Service Sender)

Continua Certified Products

The below Showcase is currently under construction and does not show all Continua Certified Devices. A new Showcase site is currently being developed.

For complete information regarding all Continua certified devices and services, please see the Product Notes document. Note that some devices may not be listed on the Showcase as they are not yet ready for public release or are in the final stages of listing.