Continua Plugfest Agenda - Boston - 2019

PCHAlliance to advance the development of its Continua Design Guidelines at the next Continua Plugfest in Boston, (2019 Dates to be determined). Please join us in Boston at the at the Seaport World Trade Center where we will dive deeper into Bluetooth low energy and HL7 FHIR.

This Plugfest will be the first to be open to anyone with a Continua platform. To learn more about the value and benefits of a Plugfest.

Plugfests are designed to ensure that products developed in accordance with the Continua Design Guidelines (CDG) are both compliant and interoperate. Key experts will be available during the Plugfest to assist device and service developers with their platforms and implementations. Testing options include operations over the service interface (Authenticated Persistent Sessions, Observation Uploads using SOAP and FHIR, and Capability Exchange) in addition to Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy Personal Health Device testing. Certification testing can also be performed by Dekra using the Continua Test Tool..

The PCHAlliance Summit Plugfest will continue the Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) health track introduced at earlier Plugfest events. This track seeks to identify problem areas through a set of specialized test procedures that identify the behavior of the device under test (DUT) in specific situations that have caused problems in the field. These tests cover the following areas:

●     Behavior of the BTLE peripheral component with respect to setting time. Issues such as how stored measurements are presented before the time has been set, after time has been set, as well as how and when the peripheral can have its time set.

●     Advertisements - The content of advertisements, the frequency and duration of advertisements as well as the use of directed vs undirected advertisements.

●     Connection Timing - connection parameter usage, initial and reconnection timers; initiation of disconnect, and duration of connection with and without RACP usage.

●     Pairing - Public static, and random address based collectors; reconnection, un-pairing

●     Operation without pairing

Note: The new test procedures require the DUT to be put into a specialized state in order to see the behavior of interest. Specialized tooling will be utilized in an effort to get the DUT into the desired state. It some cases a particular DUT may not behave in a manner that allows the state to be reached. This condition will be identified on the reports as “not testable”.

Collector Platforms: To ensure a good cross section of BTLE collectors the interoperability test bed will be seeded with a number of common platforms that will be able to deliver device data to a web based application to enable simple observation of test success and failure.

●     iOS based phones

●    Linux based systems using BlueZ

●     Android based tablets (Samsung, Nexus, Asus)

●     Android based phones (Nexus-5, Nexus-6, Pixel)

●     Android versions 5, 7, 8, 9

●     Windows 10 PC

FHIR: The CODE for Healthcare Health and Fitness Server, which supports a FHIR component based off the H.812.5 document, will be available for testing FHIR uploads. Additionally, multiple PHGs implementing FHIR uploads will be present to verify proper operation of H&FS platforms.

FHIR Charts will be available on the CODE for Healthcare H&FS. FHIR Charts dumps received FHIR bundles for debug and review purposes. Technical support will be provided to allow for the review of issues in the generation/reception of FHIR uploads.

We encourage all vendors who are seeking to offer Continua based products to participate in this interoperability testing effort.

Results - All results are confidential. Technical issues, independent of vendor/product name, are presented in a sanitized form (removing personal and company information) to guide further work on specification development.

Plugfest Registraton. More information regarding events at the PCHAlliance Summit. Download the Bluetooth low energy test suite.

Passive Participation for BTLE peripherals -  Organizations that are not able to attend the Plugfest may still register to participate in the testing program. To participate in the Plugfest passively the member ships the devices to be tested to the plugfest staging location, along with operational procedures for the use of the device. A technical contact phone and email must also be provided to answer questions that arise during the testing. The actual testing process is carried out on behalf of the member and test reports are generated and provided to the member for each of the devices being tested. Test reports include test results, as well as an interoperability matrix indicating which collectors the peripheral was able to operate with.

Plugfest Staging Location:

Lamprey Networks

c/o: Barry Reinhold

8 Jenkins Court Suite 403

Durham NH 03824

Equipment must be received by the end of business on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

Questions - Please direct all questions concerning the Plugfest to