Become a Member of the Personal Connected Health Alliance

As an organization focused on developing connected health technologies to monitor, measure, and enhance personal health and wellness, we invite you to join the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA). Membership in PCHA also entitles companies and individuals access to the world-class resources, Continua Design Guidelines and support for Certification, networking with leaders and decision makers and the opportunity to help shape the future of healthcare delivery:

• Technical Leadership: Early access to Continua Design Guidelines, providing a flexible implementation framework for authentic interoperability of personal connected health devices and systems; and standardize and validate data to ensure its usefulness to clinicians
• Networking and Education: Leverage an insider's advantage to the Connected Health Conference, featuring the mHealth Summit, the largest and most diverse global event of its kind for exploring mobile, telehealth, and connected health technologies
• Advocacy: Shape PCHA's public policy and government affairs efforts  to create favorable markets and regulatory climates for connected health around the world to overcome barriers to the adoption of personal connected health technologies

PCHA offers membership options to accommodate different organizational types, sizes and degrees of involvement. Participate in Continua working groups, submit use cases that shape future Continua Design Guidelines, access our unmatched resources, benefit from exclusive early access to the publication of annual Design Guidelines and gain the inside track in PCHA and HIMSS events!

Learn more about the Top 10 Reasons to join PCHA -- and More! 

PCHA’s members are technology, medical device, health care industry, consumer electronics, healthcare service and life sciences companies as well as government agencies, and include organizations such as: Fujitsu, Philips, HP, IBM, Intel, Roche, Qualcomm, Sharp, Omron, Orange, A&D Medical, ITTN, Panasonic, Norwegian Directorate of Health, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC), UnitedHealth Group, Samsung, Novartis, and the Institute for Information Industry.

Continua currently includes more than 110 industry leading companies and healthcare organizations across the globe, enjoying  membership benefits including:

1. Tools and resources to support certification via Continua's Design Guidelines, including: the Continua Enabling Software Library (CESL) and test tool development, representing over $2 million worth of software development created by Continua to enable complete end-to-end functionality.
2. Access to Continua Certification Experts, pre-market interoperability testing, Technical Operations Leads and brand support for certified products.
3. Ability to contribute to the advancement of the Continua vision as well as participate and network in exclusive PCHA members-only events. 

Enhanced Membership Levels

PCHA offers a series of six membership levels, to best suit your organization's needs. Starting with an individual membership, to full Board-level status, as well a membership level specifically targeting tech developers, there is a membership level to meet your needs. There are also attractive membership options for start-up companies, universities and organizations interested in self-certifying personal connected health devices. If you have certified a product for Bluetooth Smart and are interested in cost-effective certification through PCHA, the 'Technical Adopter' membership is best suited for your company.

• Learn about the new Adopter Level membership designed for companies seeking cost-effective certification for Bluetooth products for mobile and connected health.
• Take advantage of significant new member incentives, including discounts for universities, small businesses and companies from developing markets.
PCHA's membership coordinator will work with you to create the right level of engagement and facilitate access to the world class resources, decision-makers and market opportunities that are right for your company. Contact PCHA today at to learn more.

New Adopter Membership Makes Certification Cost Effective

A new Adopter membership level is designed for companies planning to self-certify a product or service using the Continua Design Guidelines within the first year of membership. The structure of the Adopter membership is designed to keep costs low while providing companies with expanded market access via Continua’s certified product listing, as well as use of Continua’s logo and brand. Many connected health products and services designed for Bluetooth Smart will require little or no modification to meet Continua’s certification standards.
This special membership level offers cost-effective Continua certification for products and services that are currently compliant or “mostly compliant” with Continua’s Design Guidelines.  The Adopter membership fee is just $1,000 for each of the first two years, with no testing cost for products self-declared and approved in the first year of membership.
For more information about becoming an Adopter Member of PCHA, please contact the PCHA Membership Department at

Specific Adopter member benefits include:
• Low membership fee of only $1,000 for each of the first two years; must certify a product or service via self-declaration (no formal testing) in the first year of membership.
• Third year Adopter members can continue at this membership level ($3,000 membership fee); charges for tools, meetings, Plugfests and testing apply to Adopter members in their third year; can elect to become a Contributor member and receive free tools, meetings, Plugfests and testing ($6,500 membership fee).
• Adopter members receive one listing that will not be subject to a testing fee; listing fee applies.
• Adopter members may participate in Continua Plugfests and Continua Connects events; registration fees  apply.

Qualifying Information:
• To access CESL (Continua Enabling Software Libraries), valued at more than $2 million, Adopter members will be charged an additional $3,500 fee; may choose to upgrade to a Contributor membership. Adopters in their third year will be required to upgrade to a Contributor membership level.
• Adopter members will not have access to draft Design Guidelines nor participate on internal Continua working groups.
• Additional fees may be required for participation in Showcases and Demo Centers.