Connected Health Vision/Health & Wellness

Health & Fitness

Wearable devices and health platforms make it easy to track activity, engage in fitness training, participate in friendly group competition, or work with a remote coach. These devices make is possible to pursue goals ranging from weight loss to improved mobility, injury rehabilitation, disease prevention or elite fitness training. Coaches and gyms can even build in incentives or customer loyalty rewards to help clients reach their goals.

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Benefits include:

  • Extend health care system into the home
  • Perform initial triage utilizing biosensors, images, e-mail/chat/video
  • Schedule appointments
  • Record personal health data
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Collect long-term data for medical baseline
  • Predictive alerts for high-risk conditions
Use Cases

Sanjay - generally healthy, but monitors his health to avoid the high blood pressure of his mother and high cholesterol of his father

He takes his weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol measurement daily, and the data is sent from his health set top box to a monitoring service at his doctor’s office. Each month, Sanjay gets an automated health summary generated by a service at his doctor’s office as well as some information to help him maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Sanjay’s health information is stored in an external health storage database so that Sanjay and his doctor can access his health information over the web.

Carlos - uses a mobile wrist device to record his altitude, speed and heart rate as he is running.

When he enters his house, the data is automatically uploaded into his home PC. Using software programs on his home PC, Carlos is able to view his personal training statistics and progress. In addition, he can send data to his fitness coach to get training and guidance.


See mHealth in Action! GSMA mHealth Ground Tour: the Corporate Video