Personal Connected Health Alliance

In February 2014, Continua announced a partnership with the mHealth Summit to create a new global entity, the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), under the HIMSS corporate umbrella, to represent the consumer voice in connected health. PCHA brings together a unique combination of expertise and resources focused on plug-and-play interoperable personal health devices and services that provide new opportunities for consumers to engage in health self-improvement and connect with their social networks and healthcare providers in the pursuit of better health. PCHA will generate a new knowledge base as well as provide a strong and united voice on policy, regulatory issues and government relations, and advance education and awareness to support widespread adoption of personal connected health technologies.

PCHA is combining the dynamic membership and expertise of Continua with the networking and reach of the mHealth Summit and global mhealth events, together with the global access and leadership of HIMSS, to bring greater focus on personal connected health technology. Collaborating together under the PCHA umbrella, Continua and mHealth Summit will empower individuals to better manage their health through personal health technologies.