Horst Merkle

Director Diabetes Management Platforms & Solutions Diabetes Care

Director Digital Solutions Roche Diabetes Care since 2003. In this position he is responsible for the innovative initiation, definition and the development of key components for the Roche Diabetes Digital Solutions product portfolio with focus on interoperability/connectivity including standardization, data and data analytic.
This position interfaces with all global and regional functions within the Roche Diabetes Care business.
A native German with more than 25 years of experience in life sciences, health care and health informatics, Horst held management positions in sales, global marketing, business-, portfolio- and product development. Horst has been living in the United States since 1997 interrupted by a 2 year assignment back at the Roche Diabetes Care Headquarters in Mannheim, Germany.
Before moving to the USA he worked 5 years as global marketing and portfolio manager for AVL Medical Instruments in Switzerland. Focus: Critical Care Blood Gas Analysis and associated Information Management systems.
With Roche’s strong and sustained engagement in the Continua Health Alliance, Horst became member of Continua’s board of directors in June 2008. For the past 4 years he served as vice president and co-chair of the board. In September 2014 he was elected President of Continua and chair of the board of managers of the newly created PCHAlliance (Personal Connected Health Alliance). Horst was actively involved in the formation of the PCHAlliance which incorporated Continua and operates under the umbrella of HIMSS.
Horst holds bachelor degrees in Organic Chemistry and Business Administration.