Cleveland Clinic Innovation Team Shares Strategic Formula for Tech Transformation

May 05, 2018

By: John Sharp, Senior Manager, Personal Connected Health Alliance

Cleveland — Wouldn’t you like a look inside the Cleveland Clinic’s innovation mindset? Attendees at the HIMSS and Health 2.0 Dev4Health event here this week got just such a glimpse.

Teams have spent the past few years focused on developing a FHIR platform to extend their Epic EMR to solve new problems, according to Brent Hicks, Senior Director of Clinical Solutions of Cleveland Clinic’s app development team and William Morris, MD, Senior Director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations. 

Here’s an example: The platform enabled them, for example, to develop an app for ICU staff to evaluate the mental health status of patients on a regular basis throughout the day and they accomplished it in just 3 weeks. And that’s just one app of many.

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