Designing Connected Health Products People Love

Dec 07, 2017
Conor Sheehan and I recently delivered a workshop at the 2017 Connected Health Conference in Boston on “Using the Power of Design Thinking to Build Connected Health Products People Love.” You can view the workshop slides here. Below is part I of a two part series covering additional thoughts on the topic.

Several years ago, the designer Jonathan Shariat wrote an arresting blog post entitled “How Bad UX Killed Jenny.” It’s a cautionary tale for anyone working at the intersection of technology and user experience.

It describes how a young patient recovering from an aggressive cancer treatment died in a hospital due to a lack of hydration. Although hydration was part of the recovery protocol, and despite the fact that the nurses on staff each had over ten years of experience, something went terribly wrong. How did they miss this critical information when the charting software was developed precisely to ensure that each step in treatment was taken and properly recorded?

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