Healthy Longevity - Driving Activity and Health Monitoring

Aug 26, 2016
As we see a shift in how we view aging especially for the Baby Boomer generation, we need to rethink how we describe that age cohort. The term “healthy longevity” is now becoming the new standard as we see health and wellness activities becoming more common and the adoption of technology to support a healthy lifestyle.
As seniors, particularly the Baby Boomers, adopt technology like smart phones, Facebook and Skype more than previous groups, it should not be surprising that interest in health monitoring technology including wearables would follow. This means not only activity trackers but also remote monitoring medical devices like wireless blood pressure cuffs, wireless scales and glucose monitors which can communicate health data with their providers. 
While the early adopters in this group may be the “healthy, wealthy and wise”, as prices drop for these devices and providers prescribe them, a broader acceptance and use of health monitoring devices will occur. The potential for a greater impact on health and longevity is significant.