PCHAlliance at Incisor IOT Roundtable & CES

Mar 20, 2018
IoT technology will underpin an overwhelming number of systems that enhance, facilitate and govern our lives. Few people know whether these systems are ready today. Do the technologies that are being promoted actually work? Are they regulated? Are security and privacy being handled with appropriate levels of importance and urgency? And – crucially – who will be the winners and losers, and who stands to make money? These topics are the foundation of discussions at every Incisor.TV IoT Roundtable. We bring together people that really know the answers, and who, on a day to day
basis, are the architects of our technological future. Incisor.TV provides interested parties all over the world with a unique window into these highly charged as well as entertaining discussions.
Click Here to hear from PCHAlliance's own VP of Continua, Michael Kirwan and to access all of the Incisor.TV 2018 USA IoT Roundtable movies from Las Vegas at CES, the world’s largest technology event.