PCHAlliance's Continua Test Tool Available Free to All Organizations

Mar 07, 2019

In its pursuit toward enabling scalable interoperability for personal connected health devices and services, the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) released its latest version of the Continua Test Tool (CTT), a uniform test process enabling any vendor to demonstrate its products are compliant to the Continua Design Guidelines, ensuring  safe, secure data exchange for their customers. PCHAlliance provides the Continua Test Tool free to download for any organization. The CTT is recognized internationally for enabling remote patient monitoring by integrating medical-grade health data into Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in a safe and secure manner.

The latest CTT version includes three new personal health devices: a Bluetooth low energy Pulse-Oximeter, a Bluetooth low energy Continuous Glucose Meter and a IEEE 11073-10427 Power Status Monitor. The CTT currently supports the integration of personal health data from 26 protocols covering health, medical and fitness with over 40 device sensor types that representing potentially hundreds of different devices and services for telehealth and telemonitoring of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart failure, hypertension and COPD, as well as health and fitness measures.

If you’re new to the Continua Design Guidelines and the CTT, you should know that the CTT provides numerous device templates that automatically generate your product’s test plan and sets up your product’s test execution. You can also create your own template to accommodate specific features your product may have, ensuring your product can maintain its certified status as the CTT and Design Guidelines evolve. Download a copy of the CTT.   

The test process is rigorous enough to be of value to customers but simple and affordable enough to encourage vendors to use it as a method to promote their product to the industry. In addition to the CTT, PCHAlliance also offers test labs, plugfests and Continua Certified Experts (CCEs) support organizations throughout the process.