Voice Enabled Healthcare - Progress Toward Zero Interface

Jul 21, 2017

Connected Health Conference - Oct. 25-27, Boston

I will be featuring sessions and topics from the conference between now and October. A good mix of sessions on new innovations and implementation in the clinical setting.

Amazon Echo in Healthcare Applications

Lessons from the Field: Provider Adoption for Small Clinical Practice

Virtual Reality in Health and Wellness Applications

Combating Addiction with Connected Health

  • Alexa Diabetes Challenge - Finalists Announced
  • Addressing Disparities in Diabetes Management Through Novel Approaches to Encourage Technology Adoption and Use.
  • Medication Adherence Tech: A dynamic and crowded market, but where are the winners in the space?
  • What should providers look for when choosing patient engagement technology?
  • What Patients Value About Reading Visit Notes: A Qualitative Inquiry of Patient Experiences With Their Health Information
  • Healthcare’s Liquid Workforce Has Arrived and Patients Are Center Stage
  • Apple aims to get an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient

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