Jun 23, 2020
We asked Kistein Monkhouse, MPH is the CEO & founder of Patient Orator, a digital storyteller, to talk about patient advocacy specifically for people of color.
    May 08, 2020
However, if you want the freedom to choose your favorite combination of devices, then you want interoperability that allows any sensor to connect to...
    Apr 30, 2020
It offers a method for patients to proactively monitor their condition at home with fair warning if/when their condition worsens and warrants...
    Apr 23, 2020
An EU toolbox for the use of mobile applications for contact tracing and warning.
    Mar 20, 2020
Here are Three Things You Shouldn't Worry About (and a Couple You Might Think About)
    Feb 29, 2020
Digital health can offer greater impact by building on a patient’s relationship with their doctor, delivering education materials and empowering them...
    Feb 27, 2020
Imagine a process that could truly help reduce stress on staff and make filling out forms easier on patients.
    Jan 15, 2020
PCHA releases new design implementation guidance aimed to support health at home by delivering health data from medical sensors outside of healthcare...