Value and Benefits of a Plugfest

Save time and money by attending a Continua Plugfest. All the tools, resources and people involved in developing the Continua Design Guidelines and its Certification Process are in the same room! You will get a complete vision of the Certification Steps and the requirements for achieving a Continua Certified Product. You will also meet other manufacturers who are each at a different development stage with their products and who can help you directly in completing a compliant Continua product. Plugfests are a great opportunity for organization in any stage of the development to learn more about Continua Certification, to meet other people related with the Alliance, to pre-test devices and get advice from experts.

What do I get from a Plugfest?

  • All the tools required for certification are available
    • Official Test Tool used for Certification.
    • CESL simulated agents and manager.
    • Continua Certified Devices to check Real-World behavior.
  • Immediate assessment with potential issues
    • Technical Operations Director for Waivers review and advice.
    • Experts on transports for traces revision.
    • Test Tool development representative for Bugs review and advice.
    • Test Engineers for questions on official testing.
    • CCEs to help on understanding the complete certification process.
  • Flexible slots on demand
    • Test against other manufacturers/developers.
    • Test against official Test Tool.
    • Test against Test Bed devices.
    • Personalized consulting sessions with experts.
  • Other tools available
    • Sniffers for all transports involved in certification.
    • PTS for Bluetooth transport testing.
    • ZigBee Test Tool.
    • USB-IF PHDC Command Verifying Test Tool.

Benefits for manufacturers and developers

  • For manufacturers on early stage of the development
    • Help on understanding the Continua Certification Process and transport pre-requisites.
    • Set up and training of resources provided by Continua to help on development process (CESL, Test Tool Lite…).
    • Work with real devices that have been already certified and understanding on what is already on the market and its current needs.
    • Advice from experts on the first steps of the development.
    • Understanding on what to expect of a Continua Certified Device.
  • For manufacturers on advanced development stage
    • Help through the steps to get the Continua Certification.
    • Assessment on waivers by experts (Technical Operations Director, CCEs…).
    • Bugs discussion with experts (Technical Operations Directors, CCEs, Test Tool developers…).
    • Preparation for official Conformance Testing by using the official version of the Test Tool and actual Test Engineers.
    • Preparation for official Interoperability Testing by using the devices currently included on the official Test Bed.
    • Help on working and setting up the devices to be used for Interoperability Testing.