HealthLink PC Manager with Stonestreet One Bluetooth and USB supporting all v1.0 Device Specializations

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Lamprey Networks
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HealthLink PC Manager with Stonestreet One Bluetooth and USB supporting all v1.0 Device Specializations
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Personal Health Gateway (PHG)
Bluetooth Classic
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Activity Hub
Blood Pressure Monitor
Cardiovascular Fitness
Glucose Meter
Pulse Oximeter
Strenth Fitness
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Thu, 03/03/2011
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Product Description

HealthLink is a PC based software application that can run on any Windows platform. HealthLink collects Continua Certified personal medical device data via Bluetooth or USB and connects with Continua WAN services and electronic Health Repositories. HealthLink utilizes OXPlib, a C++ implementation of the Continua PAN client that provides a high level interface for management applications. This high level interface enables application developers to create Continua managers without the need to understand ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 details.

Reference System Description

The reference system is composed of a Dell laptop with Windows XP or Windows 7, running over Stonestreet One’s Bluetooth Stack and Microsoft’s USB stack. The LNI software includes Bluetopia ®, a Bluetooth shim from Stonestreet One which implements the Health Device Profile (HDP) and a USB shim that sits on top of Microsoft’s winusb library and implements the PHDC functionality. These shims interface to the transport independent layer of OXPlib. Other transports may be added without changes to the OXP stack. OXPlib is the component that implements ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 behavior. HealthLink controls the OXPlib library. HealthLink acts as both an AHD and a WAN device from the Continua End to End architecture perspective, implementing the PAN client, the WAN client, and the HRN client.

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