A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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A & D Medical
Product name: 
A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
UC-767PBT-C as Type D. UA-851PBT-C, TM2656/2657PBT-Ci as Type U.
Product Type: 
Personal Health Device (PHD)
Bluetooth Classic
Certified Capability Class: 
Blood Pressure Monitor
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Certification Details

Certification Number: 
Certification Type: 
Certification Date: 
Wed, 04/04/2012
Software Version: 
3.3.6_tag978M and R280_a.4.4
Hardware Version: 
Version C
Operating System: 
CSR BC04 processor, N/A on OS
Reference System: 
Product Description

At the end of measurement, A&D Medical UA-767PBT-C digital blood pressure monitor can send measurement result to the Continua certified Manager immediately. In case of the Manager being not available, UA-767PBT-C will store the measurement in memory and send the measurement at the next time when the blood pressure monitor is used. User does not need to set the clock. The time and date information are attached to the measurement automatically by agent.

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