Renesas Health Care Kit – Blood Glucose Module

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Renesas Electronics
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Renesas Health Care Kit – Blood Glucose Module
Renesas Health Care Kit
Product Type: 
Personal Health Device (PHD)
Bluetooth low energy
Certified Capability Class: 
Glucose Meter
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Certification Details

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Certification Date: 
Fri, 03/02/2018
Software Version: 
SSP v1.1.3
Hardware Version: 
Operating System: 
ThreadX, Processor: R7FS3A77C3A01CFP
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Product Description

Reference System Description

Healthcare Meters Kit are a proof of concept – Renesas developed the Healthcare Meters Kit as a proof of concept and for enabling customers to reduce their time to market. This Blood Glucose module uses an electrochemical strip technology to measure blood glucose, which is displayed on the LCD display and mobile app. Battery charging is done through a USB port, and touch buttons let you change settings.

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