Continua Certified & Continua Compliant Process

While standards are essential, they are not sufficient to ensure multi-measurement interoperability.

The Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) by Continua achieves that delicate balance between a comprehensive and rigorous method for ensuring devices meet stated functional requirements yet demonstrated in an affordable time and cost that allows vendors to be profitable in a highly competitive market.

Continua Compliant may be demonstrated in a vendor lab using the free Continua Test Tool. It provides a disciplined process by which device vendors can self-declare compliance directly to the customer.

Continua Certification requires testing in a PCHALLIANCE recognized test lab and 3rd party attestation of test results.


Review the Conformity Assessment Scheme by Continua (CAS by Continua) and the Conformity Assessment Test Plan (CATP) documents to fully understand the program.   


Test that your device or service conforms to the Continua Design Guidelines using the Continua Test Tool (for Compliant and Certification testing) and the Continua Interoperability Test Procedures (for Certification).


After pre-testing your device or service using the CTT you may submit either your certification application or your Continua compliant self-declaration directly to PCHAlliance via the CTT. Simply run the tests and complete the respective application. 


Members having successfully completed Continua Certification may begin using the Continua Certified logo and have their product or service listed on the Certified Product Showcase.

Organizations having successfully completed the Continua Compliant process may begin using the Continua Compliant wordmark and include their product on the Continua Compliant Product Listing.

More Information

If you need direct help with the conformance process, feel free to contact any of our Continua Certified Experts.

For questions related to the Certification process, please contact