Continua Interoperability Procedures

PCHAlliance recognizes that compliance to the Continua Design Guidelines is one piece of providing assurance of interoperability. Another very important piece is Interoperability Testing against existing Continua certified devices available on the market. To that end, Continua Test Labs and other organizations performing interoperability testing will run the following Interoperability Test Procedures against devices applying for either Continua Compliance or Continua Certification.

This document contains the Interoperability Procedures that will required to be run at the Continua test lab or as part of self-declaration, as applicable. See the "Applicability" section of each procedure to determine if the procedure applies to your product (device or service).

Interoperability Procedures shall be run against already certified devices or services available on the commercial market (devices and services are also available at Continua Plugfests). In order to determine which already certified devices are available, please see the Certified Product Showcase.

Reporting Interoperability Issues

If you find an interoperability issue when working with one of the devices or services on this list, please send an email to detailing the issue. PCHAlliance will treat all submissions as confidential and will work effectively to resolve them. If you have any questions related to this process, please send an email to the Certification team at