Continua Test Tool

PCHAlliance has released the newest version of its Continua Test Tool (CTT), making widely available a uniform test process enabling any vendor to demonstrate that its products are compliant to the Continua Design Guidelines, as well as their commitment to ensure safe, secure data exchange for their customers.

The test process is rigorous enough to be of value to customers but simple and affordable enough to encourage vendors to use it as a method to promote their product to the industry. PCHAlliance provides the Continua Test Tool free to download for any organization. 

The CTT supports the integration of personal health data from 26 vital signs sensors and 40 health, medical and fitness devices and services representing potentially hundreds of different products for telehealth and telemonitoring of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart failure, hypertension and COPD, as well as health and fitness measures.

Learn more about the CTT:

Continua maintains a Certification program for markets and customers requiring demonstration of product conformance to the Continua Design Guidelines in third party test labs. This program includes the Certified Products Showcase, featuring products and promoting engagement between buyers and sellers. Learn more about Continua Compliance.

Download Continua Test Tool

Please note that the CTT file is quite large so the download time may be lengthy. 

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