CTT User Interface

Projects Manager

Provides for creating new test projects, editing existing projects, export and import projects, and installing or un-installing technology packages.

PICS Editor

PICS (Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement) provides for selection of product applicable protocols for Agents, Managers, USB Host, HFS Interfaces and HIS Interface. A Static Conformance Review tool ensures combination of selected protocols is valid.

PIXIT Editor

PIXITs (Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing) provides for defining product applicable implementation values. The format and ranges of values entered by a user are automatically checked to ensure they are valid.

General Parameters Editor

Provides for configuration and optimization of select parameters to facilitate the test process (e.g. time outs).

Test Cases Execution

Provides a listing of all applicable test cases based on features supported by the product under test.  Executes testing.


Provides for user control and real time display during test execution including progress, PASS/FAIL/INCONC Verdicts, and trace logs.