Install Continua Test Tool

PCHAlliance provides the Continua Test Tool free to download for any organization.  The current version of the Continua Test Tool is close to 1 GB in size so may take some time to download.  The user is encouraged to UNZIP the top-level folder and read the User and Installation Guides before installing the tool.


Download the Continua Test Tool from here.


Unzip the top level folder ONLY. 


Read the Continua Test Tool User Manual and the Continua Test Tool Installation Guides before installing the tool. 


Install Continua Test Tool Software

  • Execute installation file “Setup.exe”.
  • Select Default installation folder (C:\ProgramFiles\dekra\TContinuaTestTool)


PCHAlliance members may login to the Continua Test Tool to access both the Certification and Continua Compliance test processes and tools.  Non-Members may only access the Continua Compliance test process.

INSTALL Technology Package

Install Technology Version software as appropriate for the product under test:

  • PHD Interface
    • Bluetooth Driver
    • Zigbee Driver
    • USB Driver
    • USB Sniffer (Optional)
    • Firewall Alert
    • NFC Driver
  • HFS Interface
    • JAVA
    • SAML Token Support
    • .NET Framework
    • Configure Internet Connection
  • HIS Interface
    • JAVA
    • .NET Framework