How Can You Move the Needle in Healthcare Using AI and RPA?

Feb 13, 2018

By Nardo Manaloto, CEO, CATALAIZE and Wen Dombrowski MD MBA, Chief Convergence Officer, CATALAIZE 

If we look at where the healthcare industry is now compared to 10 years ago, there are still many operational and clinical inefficiencies. Why is that?  One reason is that, as the healthcare industry evolves, the applications, devices, clinical services and workflow processes have also become more comprehensive and complicated.  On top of all this, the pace of society's technological advancements has rapidly increased, with healthcare in continuous catch-up mode to implement newer technologies, associated processes and workforce. 

So what can healthcare organizations do to catch up with new technologies and leverage them to improve patient care? Healthcare organizations need an approach that gives them agility and speed to adapt to the increasing changes and demands they face. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are positioned to meet this challenge.  Imagine your organization being able to use AI and RPA to augment human capabilities, support decision making, and automate tedious tasks -- this can change patient experience and clinician morale in a profound, positive manner.  With the support of technology, patients and clinicians can finally experience the “care” that will make a positive impact on our health.

In order to be successful in implementing and supporting technologies like AI and RPA, healthcare organizations need to have a game plan. First, start by crafting an Enterprise AI Strategy based on your organization's level of AI maturity. Next, identify what infrastructure is needed to pilot and scale AI, and then involve the right people to create, validate, and support such advanced applications.  

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