New Continua Certified Experts

Nov 07, 2018

PCHAlliance recognized two new Continua Certified Experts (CCE). They are both Barry and Brian Reinhold of LNI Health. Both have been an instrumental part of Continua since its beginning driving our working groups, attending key Standards Development Organizations (e.g., HL7, FHIR, IHE, Bluetooth SIG and many others) on our behalf, developing our Guidelines, improving our test tool and developing our software & CODE for Healthcare libraries.  

More about CCEs

CCEs provide a valuable service for PCHAlliance members and potential new members. Their role is important as they help extend PCHAlliance’s worldwide outreach and education. Our CCE team currently consists of 13 recognized CCEs. The CCE program is designed primarily to support members planning to certify a Continua device; however, we’ve expanded the role of a CCE as experts in implementing the underlying technologies of the Continua Design Guidelines. CCEs possess a comprehensive understanding of the Continua Design Guidelines, relevant expertise in supporting technologies, Continua CODE for Healthcare & code development, the Continua test tool, implementation best practices, the Continua certification process and PCHAlliance policies and procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a CCE yourself please send an email with your completed CCE application to