Personal Connected Health Alliance Welcomes Ten New Members

Oct 10, 2017

Medtronic and Verizon join as Strategic Level Members

ARLINGTON, VA, OCTOBER 10, 2017 -- The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) today announced that ten new companies have become members of the Alliance.  Medtronic plc and Verizon have joined at the Strategic Level and will appoint representatives to the PCHAlliance Advisory Council.  Verizon currently holds a seat on the Board of Managers.

"Our membership represents the full connected health ecosystem who are focused on the urgent need for consumer-centered connected health in care delivery, including companies addressing critical needs in chronic care, healthy longevity, mobile and analytics capabilities," said Horst Merkle, Chair, PCHAlliance Board of Managers, and Director, Digital Solutions, Roche Diabetes Care. "PCHAlliance is the catalyst for important collaborations, policy initiatives and innovation supporting technology, pharma and life sciences companies, healthcare provider organizations, major consumer giants and early stage companies alike."

PCHAlliance is convening market leaders, innovators and industry icons to bring the best thinking, experience and perspective to solving tomorrow's healthcare challenges. PCHAlliance members represent all sectors of the market, coming together to create the right technologies for remote monitoring and personal health tracking; advance the application of new tools such as behavioral health, data analytics and artificial intelligence; and support the widespread adoption of personal connected health technologies through interoperability and public policy initiatives.

In addition to Medtronic and Verizon, PCHAlliance also welcomed eight additional members: Cellnovo, Infopia, SPMS - Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde, Taiwan Scientific Corporation, TrackMyBeat Healthcare, WEGO Health, Wellsmith and Valotec.                                                                                         

“We have seen remarkable growth this year, with the addition of nearly 30 new member organizations, representing an impressive range of expertise and diverse industry affiliations that will help to advance our work to support the adoption of personal health tools to improve human health and healthcare around the world," said Patty Mechael, Executive Vice President, Personal Connected Health Alliance. "Our membership is engaged and actively contributing to our strategic goals, including policy and advocacy, country adoption of the Continua Design Guidelines to support clinic-grade interoperability, and our healthy longevity initiative."

PCHAlliance's goal is to help people make health and wellness an effortless part of daily life. The Alliance is convening the global personal connected health community -- technology companies, healthcare providers, payers, governments and the public -- to accelerate the technical, business, policy and social initiatives necessary to advance the field. PCHAlliance is developing and promoting technical standards, facilitating collaboration, convening conferences, sharing research and advocating policy to help drive personal connected health forward.

Personal Connected Health Alliance

The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) aims to make health and wellness an effortless part of daily life. The PCHAlliance, a non-profit organization formed by HIMSS, believes that health is personal and extends beyond healthcare. The Alliance mobilizes a coalition of stakeholders to realize the full potential of personal connected health. PCHAlliance members are a vibrant ecosystem of technology and life sciences industry icons and innovative, early stage companies along with governments, academic institutions, and associations from around the world. To support its vision, PCHAlliance convenes the global personal connected health community at the annual Connected Health Conference, the premier international event for the exchange of research, evidence, ideas, innovations and opportunities in personal connected health. The Alliance publishes and promotes adoption of the Continua Design Guidelines. Continua is recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the international standard for safe, secure, and reliable exchange of data to and from personal health devices. PCHAlliance accelerates technical, business, policy and social strategies necessary to advance personal connected health through its Healthy Longevity initiative to promote lifelong health and wellness.