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Greatly reduces engineering expertise required to digest complex standards, allowing healthcare companies to focus resources on differentiating their product in the marketplace.

BTLE Manager

Resolves common Bluetooth interoperability issues. Maintains semantic content of observation data for both standards compliant and proprietary devices.

FHIR Upload

Creates industry standard semantic content by mapping proprietary or standard device data into FHIR resources then uploads those observations to a FHIR server.

FHIR Observation Server

Improves staff workflows by supplying clinical grade data to mobile apps via industry standard FHIR transactions and more efficient Observation Resource only uploads for compute limited devices.

Proprietary Interface

Allows sensor manufacturers to create independent drivers for their devices on gateway platforms that link their products into the standards-based health ecosystem.


Open (Device) APIs give you connectivity, ONE Open API gives you interoperability dramatically reducing integration and ongoing maintenance costs.


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