White Papers & Case Studies

  • Usability and Design Features for the Aging Population White Paper (July 2019): Increasingly the aging population seeks out technology to improve and manage their health. With age, there is no single, special requirement for health tech design. This paper addresses the questions around Universal Design Principles as they apply to aging. 
  • Fundamentals of Medical-Grade Data Exchange (December 2021): This white paper provides a basic description of sensors, gateways, and end services, of the data that is exchanged between them, and of the added value that Continua Design Guidelines provide compared to and beyond the referenced standards, to make implementations truly interoperable
  • Patient Satisfaction: An Important Measure in Connected Health  (April 2018): Personal Connected Health Alliance developed a white paper to explore the importance that patient satisfaction plays within facilitating healthcare


  • The Future of Connected Health Infographic (May 2017): This infographic summarizes the results of an international survey of physicians on the topic of connected health. Topics included patient generated health data and remote patient monitoring.


PCHAlliance develops policy commentary with member input as a a separate HIMSS Innovation Company and also collaborates with our HIMSS colleagues and members on select policy issues