Continua Certified & Continua Compliant Process

The Continua Design Guidelines (CDG) encompasses hundreds of different types of devices and services that can demonstrate compliance today.

There are two paths an organization may take to show compliance to the CDG by using the Continua Test Tool (CTT).

  1. The first is called Continua Compliant and is entirely free to any organization. Organizations choosing this route need only show their compliance by testing with the CTT then sending a self-declaration statement directly to their customer indicating success in passing all required tests. Sending this statement to PCHAlliance will allow your product to be included in the Continua Compliant listing. Please note that only the Continua wordmark may be used on a Continua Compliant device or service (the Continua logos may not be used).

  2. The second is called Continua Certification. While there are fees involved (a Membership fee, possibly a test lab fee and a Continua listing fee) the fees are small. And, the PCHAlliance provides to members its branding toolkit and will help market certified products via its Certified Product Showcase, within all of its events and via its match-making program (connecting buyers to sellers).  

Products that carry the Continua Certified® logo enjoy a strong competitive advantages:

  • By implementing the Continua Brand Toolkit (available only to members via the member site)
  • Avoiding premature obsolescence through authentic medical-grade interoperability
  • Feature user-friendly design
  • Reduced labor costs, resources and time-to-market for developers
  • Eliminate inefficient technology duplication
  • Enjoy PCHAlliance marketing of their certified product through PCHAlliance, HIMSS, Summit and Plugfest events
  • Match-making where PCHAlliance matches buyers to sellers thought its Certified Product Showcase (enabling tenders, inquireys and prospects to see what is Continua certified)

There are four steps to achieve compliance to the CDG: Prepare, Test, Apply, and, depending on your readiness, you may choose to be Continua Compliant or Continua Certified.


Review the Conformity Assessment Scheme by Continua (CAS by Continua) and the Conformity Assessment Test Plan (CATP) documents to fully understand the program.   


Test that your device or service conforms to the Continua Design Guidelines using the Continua Test Tool (for Compliant and Certification testing) and the Continua Interoperability Test Procedures (for Certification).

  • For members going through Continua Certification, full access to the test logs is provided after login within the CTT. If required, schedule formal testing with a Continua Certification test lab (test lab testing is optional for devices or services via the Continua Compliant path, for HIS Sender service implementations and for Bluetooth low energy sensor devices).
  • For non-members going through Continua Compliant, access to the CTT provides the ability to run all required tests (3rd party lab testing is optional).


After pre-testing your device or service using the CTT you may submit either your certification application or your Continua compliant self-declaration directly to PCHAlliance via the CTT. Simply run the tests and complete the respective application. 

Choose Continua Compliant or Continua Certified

Both Continua Certification and Continua Compliance require passing all applicable tests. Once achieved, members having successfully completed Continua Certification may begin using the Continua Certified logo and have their product or service listed on the Certified Product Showcase. Organizations having successfully completed the Continua Compliant process may begin using the Continua Compliant wordmark and reference their listing on the Continua Compliant Web site.

If you need direct help with the conformance process, feel free to contact any of our Continua Certified Experts.

For questions related to the Certification process, please contact