Value of Marketing Your Product on the Continua Certified Product Showcase

Oct 30, 2018

The Continua Design Guidelines specify an end-to-end ICT framework for personal connected health solutions based on recognized open standards, to create a secure and interoperable health data exchange. They enable the secure flow of Continua medical-grade data among sensors, gateways, and services by providing clear guidance on their interoperability adding the necessary missing features within the underlying standards or specifications. And, to ensure interoperability, they offer a compliance and interoperability program to validate that devices interoperate with devices, gateways and services.

A major component of Personal Connected Health Alliance compliance and interoperability program is its Continua Certified Product Showcase (CPS) which was designed to precisely match buyers to sellers of personal connected health products.  

Specifically, the Certified Product Showcase helps health authorities; ministries of health, care provision organizations, payers, providers, individuals and any worldwide organization quickly find interoperable devices and services compliant to the Continua Design Guidelines.

Organizations search the Certified Product Showcase to compile a filtered list of available products based on many different search filters; such as a specific disease state, its country availability, specific chronic illnesses, the Company/Manufacturer, the Product Type, its supported transport, its Continua supported capabilities, etc. The organization is also able to see the main points of contact and website of the product manufacturer and reach-out to them directly if necessary. They may also learn more about the capabilities that the product supports and access key technical implementation details about the product.

Listing your product on the Certified Product Showcase means that your product is immediately found and displayed as an interoperable personal connected health product by organizations worldwide who are seeking commercially available solutions for their health systems (to help them in their RFPs, procurements, pilot programs, national health networks, etc).

The Certified Product Showcase is consistently in the top 5 of all visited pages on the PCHAlliance website. The Certified Product Showcase is search engine optimized, shows all commercially available products, is mobile format ready and includes the ability to download as a CSV spreadsheet of any filtered searches.

While there are only 122 certified products on the Certified Product Showcase today, it is and will continue to be a valuable tool for identifying commercially available products enabling interoperable ecosystems around the world.

For an example of a Certified Product Showcase listing, see our latest listing by Nonin. See also the About Continua website to learn more about the value of interoperability for personal connected health.