Certification of Conformance

The objective of Certification is to provide governments, health ministers, healthcare providers, or any other requesting entity an impartial 3rd party confirmation that the product under procurement, or under consideration or procurement, has successfully satisfied all conformity assessment criteria per the Conformity Assessment Test Plan.  PCHAlliance membership is required in order to apply for and secure Continua Certification.

SELECT Continua Certification Application

Upon successful completion of testing, member users are presented with the option of applying for certification or self-declaration.  To pursue Continua Certification, members should select the “Continua Certification Application” option.

COMPLETE Application

Users are invited to complete the X-step process to generate a Continua Certification Application.

  1. Product Identification
  2. Contact Information
  3. Hardware Profile
  4. Testing Information
  5. Transport Declaration
  6. Submit PICS, PIXIT, General Parameters
  7. Product Assertions

GENERATE Certification Application

An application for Continua Certification for the Product Under Test (e.g. Personal Health Gateway) is generated summarizing all the declarations collected during the application process. Certification package is zipped and sent to Continua for processing.

Enjoy Benefits of Continua Certification

Continua provides 3rd party assessment that the conformance process was properly followed and successfully completed.  Upon confirmation, a Continua Certification statement is issued to the product vendor clearly stating supported Continua capabilities. The product is also listed on the Continua Products Showcase and actively promoted.  The product vendor may feature the Continua Certified Logo.