PCHAlliance in China

The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) China Working Group aims to harness the PCHAlliance coalition's resources to promote the development of China's personal connectivity health industry. 

Responsibilities and Tasks 

The PCHAlliance China Working Group's primary responsibilities and tasks are:
  • To be a PCHAlliance Representative in China to contact Internet Health Industry peers in China and members of the PCHAlliance
  • To assist the PCHAlliance in developing its China-based development strategy
  • To help China Businesses use and implement International Standards for Interoperability of personal connected health (specifically, the ITU-T H.810 Series)
  • Actively collaborate with Chinese counterparts in the field of personal connected health to jointly promote industry development
  • Assisting Chinese counterparts in formulating policy environments conducive to the development of personal connected health industries


Currently, the PCHA Alliance provides the following resources to China's Connected Health Industry peers:
  • Continua Design Guidelines (CDGs): The CDG Guide is the world's only open, reliable, end-to-end personal connected health device and system interoperability implementation Framework, has been adopted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as ITU-T H.810 series of international standards.

CDG is Freeware

  • Continua Certified Product Showcase: This showcase enables the retrieval of all CDG-compliant and Continua-certified products from around the world.
  • Global Benchmarking: Here you can see how countries in the world that are adopting CDG standards or are about to adopt the Open Interoperability Standards to build their health services arena. See Continua Adoption Playbook for more details
  • Continua Test Tool (CTT): A free testing tool to help developers validate product compliance with CDG. CTT thus free download. PCHAlliance continues to improve this tool each year adding new features from the CDG. 

PCHAlliance Memberships

Any company, organization, institution, research institute, or other entity in the world that supports and promotes the development of the personal connected health industry can apply to become a PCHAlliance member.

To learn how to become a PCHAlliance member, please visit PCHAlliance membership site.

The PCHAlliance China team sincerely looks forward to working with all PCHAlliance members interested in the China Internet Health Market to jointly promote the development of the Chinese market.


Daidi Zhong - PCHAlliance China Team Leader (Professor - Bioengineering School Chongqing University)

Lisson Zhang - Deputy Head of PCHAlliance China Group Standardization Senior Manager (Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd. Shanghai)

You can contact them at cwg-chair@members.pchalliance.org