The PCHAlliance publishes and promotes the global adoption of standards and the implementation guidelines that unleash the massive amounts of medical-grade data that enables a more holistic perspective. Commercial ready software enables the rapid integration of these standards into your product. A conformity assessment program verifies that the standards have been properly and uniformly implemented.

  • All this empowers healthcare providers and insurance companies to achieve outcomes at lower costs through outsourced population management services.
  • It enables remote care service companies to draw upon the Continua Design Guidelines (CDGs) to integrate the information & communication technology (ICT) systems essential to realizing these lower costs.
  • It makes possible for device and sensor companies the means to furnish the meaningful observations that enable these ICT systems to deliver vital signs data captured from multiple sources by people at home and on the move.
  • It provides pharmaceutical companies with the means to better measure drug efficacy.

No other organization offers this combination of open standards implementation guidance, software and product assurance procedures.  This dramatically reduces product integration to days instead of months freeing engineers to focus on applications that provide value add and differentiate their offering in the market.

Download our white paper Fundamentals of Medical-Grade Data Exchange for a basic description of the data that is being exchanged between sensors, gateways, and end services and the value-add Continua provides beyond the referenced standards to make implementations truly interoperable.

Download the Continua Design Guidelines for free:

2019 Design Guidelines