WLSA Merger

PCHAlliance Completes Combination with WLSA

In December 2016, PCHAlliance announced that the organization was combining membership and meeting operations with the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA).  We are pleased to announce the process is complete.  Core WLSA members have joined or increased their participation in PCHAlliance and we welcome all WLSA members to our organization.  Member and executive level engagement and Convergence Summit activities have been merged into PCHAlliance's annual Connected Health Conference.

WLSA’s OOBR project is being moved to a new organization in which we anticipate PCHAlliance and HIMSS to participate.  Rob McCray, WLSA co-founder and CEO, continues to serve as a member of the Board of Managers of PCHAlliance and heads the OOBR initiative. 

Since 2005, WLSA had focused on advancing digital, wireless and connected health technologies driven by medicine, science, technology, engineering and big data analytics, in order to enhance personal health and personal control of health care services. Their conference series provided a cross-disciplinary research forum for the field. WLSA's focus complements PCHAlliance's commitment to accelerate the adoption of clinical grade technology in consumer-friendly health outcomes-based business models. 

This merger presents an exciting opportunity to more effectively foster global relationships and business opportunities for PCHAlliance's growing membership and offer increased visibility in the connected health ecosystem.