Renesas Health Care Kit – Heart Rate/Pulse Ox module

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Renesas Electronics
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Renesas Health Care Kit – Heart Rate/Pulse Ox module
Renesas Health Care Kit
Product Type: 
Personal Health Device (PHD)
Bluetooth low energy
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Pulse Oximeter
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Certification Date: 
Tue, 02/06/2018
Software Version: 
SSP v1.1.3
Hardware Version: 
Operating System: 
ThreadX, Operating System: R7FS3A77C3A01CFP
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Product Description

Healthcare Meters Kit for Quick Prototyping and Productization
Reference System Description

Renesas developed the Healthcare Meters Kit as a proof of concept and for enabling customers to reduce their time to market. Heart Rate/Pulse Ox module uses a finger-based optical sensing technique to determine the heart rate and pulse ox parameters, which are displayed on the LCD display and mobile app. Battery charging is done through a USB port, and touch buttons let you switch between modes.

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