PCHAlliance in Europe

The PCHAlliance activities in Europe are driven by the European Work Group (EUWG).


The EUWG’s objectives in Europe are to:

  • Support Continua adoption among European health systems
  • Engage with European Commission for an enabling environment for personal connected health
  • Defend proportional regulatory environment for personal connected health

The EUWG reviews the objectives periodically and defines specific actions.


We would like to call attention to the following resources on the PCHAlliance website that are of special relevance to the work in Europe:

  •  Continua Design Guidelines (CDGs):  The only open implementation framework for authentic, end-to-end interoperability of personal connected health devices and systems.  Download for free.
  •  Certified product showcase:  A searchable database of products whose compliance with the CDGs has been certified by an independent test lab.
  •  Continua adoption: An overview of the countries that have been working with the Continua Guidelines to advance open standards and interoperability in their health systems, building on the Adoption Playbook (published May 2017).

This list is periodically reviewed and updated.


Membership in the PCHAlliance is open to all companies, organisations, research institutions and other bodies that the goal to support and advance personal connected health.  To learn about membership conditions and the type of membership that is right for you, go to our membership page

The EUWG welcomes all colleagues of PCHAlliance member companies interested in advancing the EUWG’s objectives.

The EUWG meets for monthly meetings/conference calls to plan, coordinate and review activities.  To join and sign up, please go to the EUWG section in the member-only website.


The EUWG is chaired by     

Dr. Petra Wilson
European Programme Director
Personal Connected Health Alliance
Brussels, Belgium



Elinaz Mahdavy                                                                   
Director of European Affairs & Partnerships                      
Orange Healthcare                                                              
Brussels, Belgium                                                               

To write to the EUWG mailing list write to eu_wg@members.pchalliance.org.

To contact the EUWG chairs write to eu_wg-chair@members.pchalliance.org